Eastern Warrior – Day 1

Howdy, this is my 1st project on UDK. I named it code-name as Eastern Warrior. The game target platform is for mobile devices, which I target iOS at first.

The game theme is based on modern Chinese fantasy novel story, where you are in role of an apprentice of a big clan, studying, fighting to achieve higher level of creature, or even become god.

For the first publish target, I will only make 1 job 1st, which is the warrior.

Day1 SS

Warrior Draft Model

In the beginning, to setup the basic class which is dynamic became quite a pain to me. So what I did is minimum the code to the least but still have the game run well.

Basic GameInfo, Pawn, PlayerController

In the GameInfo class, I set up to spawn the pawn and the controller throughout archetype in UDK. By doing this I can easily adjust the parameters as well as define different stats (character, monsters, weapon, animation, etc) without going back to the code and recompile.

ControllerArchetypeToUse = PlayerController(DynamicLoadObject(PlayerControllerArchetypeName,class’PlayerController’));

Attack Handler

I created a class called AttackHandler which every PlayerController will have 1 instance. I also use archetype for this and create an array of struct containing all the information of every attack will be launched. In my structure, the PlayerController send signal to the AttackHandler, the handler analyze which skill to launch and signal back PlayerController then PlayerController  calls Pawn to run its animations.

Day1-2 SS

Attack Infor Struct Array

The result of day 1 will be the character able to do a 3 combos of sword with dash 🙂 Feel quite satisfied with the result 😀