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Eastern Warrior – Day 19

Ok, let’s back to Eastern Warrior. I was on another project so couldn’t work on this frequently like before =.= So we will discuss: AI Enemy HUD AI So to create an AI, we need 2 main things – AIController and Pawn. It’s very similar…

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Eastern Warrior – Day 6

In this post, I will write about: Skill Effect Damage Character Stat   Skill Effect For my case, I extended Projectile for all of my effects. By doing this, whether the skill effect is for sword or magic is not important already. Because, I can…

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Eastern Warrior – Day 1

Howdy, this is my 1st project on UDK. I named it code-name as Eastern Warrior. The game target platform is for mobile devices, which I target iOS at first. The game theme is based on modern Chinese fantasy novel story, where you are in role…

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